Residential Properties for Sale or Rent

The Town of Mayerthorpe often receives inquiries from prospective property renters or buyers requesting information about available residential properties within the Town limits.

The following is a list of property owners who have given consent to release information relating to their property that may be available for sale or rent. If you wish to add property or land for sale or rent, please fill out Consent To Advertise document and return to the Town Office.  To see other property listings in the Town of Mayerthorpe please visit

Policy I 006 Infill Tax Rebates

2014 Tax Comparisons

2013 Market Value 2014 Municipal Tax Comparison

For Sale

Matthew & Kristin Wiese 4511-45Ave 604-619-5645  
Corina O'Bee & Ross McCallum 5265-50St 780-268-0757 or 780-706-0967
Marie Wallace 5266-51St 780-779-0822
Salezmun Ent. 4812-52A Ave 780-779-0822
Cliff Wihlidal 4710-49Ave 780-786-2735  
Randy & Wanda Huntley 4906-49St 780-786-4622 or 780-674-0660
Town of Mayerthorpe 4922-49St

Town of Mayerthorpe 5273-49St

Town of Mayerthorpe 4817-52A Ave

Town of Mayerthorpe 4617-54St

Dawn Menard 4816-52A Ave

Nina Stendie 4709-54St

Thomas Rosadiuk 4625-53St

Kathy Adomson 5257-52St



For Rent

Grant & Tina Mattson 4713-47St 780-305-4445  
Donald MacLellan 4813-52St
Doanld MacLellan 5278-51St
Carol MacLellan 5277-52St 780-892-3522  
Carol MacLellan 5270-51St 780-892-3522  
Dan & Carol Ohler 4707-46Ave 780-785-9479
Moira Godfrey 4805-48St 780-674-8095  
Gabriel Hafner  4619-43St 780-399-4793
Sherry Pfannmuller 5118-46Ave 780-286-9267
Sherry Pfannmuller 5009-47Ave 780-286-9267
Sherry Pfannmuller 5001-47Ave 780-286-9267
Sherry Pfannmuller 4912-46Ave 780-286-9267
Sherry Pfannmuller 4724-42St 780-286-9267
Sherry Pfannmuller 4613-47St 780-286-9267
Sherry Pfannmuller 4603-46Ave 780-286-9267
Sherry Pfannmuller 4513-46Ave 780-286-9267
Sherry Pfannmuller 4511-46Ave 780-286-9267
Sherry Pfannmuller 4419-48St 780-286-9267
Sherry Pfannmuller 4415-48St 780-286-9267