Alberta Advantage Immigration Program - Entrepreneur Stream


A collaborative, community-driven solution for Foreign National investors seeking to invest in rural Alberta.

The Alberta Advantage Immigration Program - Rural Entrepreneur Stream (AAIP - RES) allows the Town of Mayerthorpe to enable permanent residency to entrepreneurs who want to start a new business or purchase/invest in an existing business. The AAIP - RES will promote economic growth by attracting Foreign Nationals who can start new ventures or assist with succession planning for businesses with owners looking to either retire or move on to different initiatives.

On January 22, 2024 the Town of Mayerthorpe was listed as a participating community, please see the following: AAIP - RES Participating Communities

Investor Eligibility

Entrepreneurs looking to start a new business or purchase/invest in an existing business in the Town of Mayerthorpe must submit an Expression of Interest to the Town of Mayerthorpe's, Economic Development Officer. To learn more about the program requirements, please visit the Government of Alberta AAIP-RES

AAIP - RES Self-Assessment Tool

Review the Self-Assessment Tool to ensure you meet program eligibility requirements.

We strongly suggest you read thoroughly through the Government of Alberta AAIP-RES pages, utilize the self-assessment tool and contact our office if you are interested in the AAIP - RES Program. The qualifications required to participate in the AAIP-RES are very involved and it is recommended that work closely with Community Futures Yellowhead East  to put together a strong proposal.

Expression of Interest

Once you have read through the Government of Alberta, AAIP-RES Pages, and believe your are eligible for the program, you can submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the Town of Mayerthorpe. The Economic Development Officer together with the AAIP Committee will review your business proposal and if you meet all the requirements the Town of Mayerthorpe will provide you with a Community Letter of Support

The AAIP-RES is currently accepting EOIs. The information provided in the EOI, Business Proposal Summary, Net Worth Worksheet and Community Support Letter will be assessed and points will be awarded by the AAIP-RES based on the Rural Entrepreneur Stream Points Grid. AAIP-RES may select candidates with the highest-ranking points and request candidates to submit a Business Application.

For more information on the application process, see How to apply.