Commercial Land for Sale/Rent

The Town of Mayerthorpe often receives inquiries from prospective property renters or buyers requesting information about available commercial properties within the Town limits.

The following is a list of property owners who have given consent to release information relating to their property that may be available for sale or rent. If you wish to add property or land for sale or rent, please fill out Consent To Advertise document and return to the Town Office.  View Policy I 006 Infill Tax Rebates.

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For Sale

EGP Group Inc. 2A-4-8420800 780-242-5385
Whites Tire Service 4910-50Ave 780-786-2003

Unitech Construction Services Ltd. 5104-45Ave 780-968-3127
John & Joe Smyl 4926-51St 780-778-2202 or 780-778-5712  
Pioneer Motors 5013-51Ave 780-778-2202 or 780-778-5712  
Pioneer Motors 5009-51St 780-778-2202 or 780-778-5712  
Pioneer Motors 5005-51St 780-778-2202 or 780-778-5712  
Pioneer Motors 5001-51St 780-778-2202 or 780-778-5712  
Pioneer Motors 5016-50Ave 780-778-2202 or 780-778-5712  
Barsi Ent 4404-50St 780-786-4012

For Rent

Nothing at this time.


The Town of Mayerthorpe has the following lots for Sale. Rezoning on these lots may be considered. For more information please contact the Development Office at (780) 786-2416.


Legal: Plan 792 1091, Lot 2 of 2
Zoned: R3 – Residential – Medium Density
Future Zoning: Refer to the Area Structure Plan pertaining to this property
Acres: 4.054
Description: 42 Street accesses Southwest of parcel and future lane will access Northwest corner of parcel. The Town is in the process of updating the SE Highway 43 Area Structure Plan which incorporates this land. The land is located directly behind the UFA Farm Store storage yard and South of the new seniors lodge.
Price: $80,864.00

Legal: Plan 792 1091 Lot 1
Zoned: UR- Urban Reserve
Future Zoning: Residential and Industrial /Commercial. Please refer to the SE Highway 43 Area Structure Plan.
Acres: 74.25
Services: Sewer Main to Northeast corner of parcel
Description: This land is located South and East of the Elmer Elson Elementary School

Legal: Plan 373CL Block 3 Lots 26, 27, & 28
Zoned: C1 – Commercial Office Retail
Lot Size: 33′ x 140′
Services: Water & Sewer Main in lane and Power and Telephone at lane
Price: $22,512 per lot
Description: ESA I has been completed on these lots. ESA II is set to commence August 1, 2017.  Currently being utilized as a Public Parking Lot. The lots are located at the corner of 50th Ave. and 52st Street.