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Town Seeks Request for Quotation (RFQ) for Exhibition Centre Commercial Kitchen

Deadline for Submission: September 10, 2021

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Social Services Funding Support for COVID-19

The Government of Alberta has announced that emergency funding may be available to charities or non-profits organizations to support COVID-19 response by those stakeholders in their communities.  To be eligible, the support must address the social well-being of those most affected by the pandemic and the measures implemented to limit the spread of the virus.  Those impacted may include seniors, individuals with chronic medical conditions, caregivers, families with children at home, and individuals with limited access to supports.  For full details, please refer to the “Funding Criteria” document attached.

Social Services Funding Criteria

If you are currently providing COVID-19 specific supports “to individuals, seniors, families and other vulnerable Albertans who are isolated or impacted by measures to contain COVID- 19”, your organization may be eligible for funding.  Please read through the attached guidelines carefully – should you wish to apply, see the attached fillable funding request form for your use.    Completed funding requests can be submitted through Town of Mayerthorpe FCSS and will then be forwarded to the FCSSAA (Family and Community Support Services Association of Alberta) for consideration.  It is important to note that this funding, although being distributed through FCSS, is not regular FCSS funding and does not specifically adhere to the FCSS Act and Regulations.  The FCSS mandate does not apply.

You are encouraged to consider submitting an application.   We encourage you to submit as soon as possible, and to have your request include funding requests for however long the service is estimated to be needed or provided.  There is a limited availability of funding, and once it is depleted, it is unknown if additional funding will be available; if you only apply for one month’s worth of funding now, with the plan to submit another next month, there is the strong likelihood that the funding will already be depleted before your second submission.  If you anticipate your service will be needed for three months, or six months, then include the full budget for the entire time period within your application. 

It is also important to note that this must be specific to COVID-19 supports – “regular” supports are not eligible.

Funding Request Form

Town of Mayerthorpe will be accepting applications from organizations within Town as well Lac Ste. Anne County will be accepting applications on behalf of organizations providing services throughout the County, and as those serving the Town of Onoway, Village of Alberta Beach or any of the Summer Villages within the County boundary.  Services being provided to Mayerthorpe and area can be submitted to Town of Mayerthorpe or Lac Ste. Anne County

Although the completed “Funding Request Form” will flow through the local FCSS programs, funding will be provided directly to the organization by the provincial FCSSAA (Family & Community Support Services Association of Alberta).  Approvals for all funding requests will be at the discretion of the Government of Alberta.

Questions can be directed to Joanne St. Martin, FCSS Coordinator, by email or by phone 780-786-2416.



At the time this press release was issued, the Province reports ONE confirmed case of COVID-19 in
the Mayerthorpe region. With the number of confirmed cases in the Province increasing daily, two
deaths, and fifty-seven recovered from the virus, it was only a matter of time before COVID-19
reached our region. Town Officials are reviewing the Continuity Plan in a Pandemic to consider
further measures to safeguard key essential services, thus enabling authorities to exercise safeguards
for the community.
The Province has put in place new provisions to protect Albertans. Additional authorities have been
given to Community Peace Officer 1’s to assist in enforcement of:
• Restrictions for mass gatherings is reduced from 50 to no more than 15 people.
• Non-essential businesses, including retail and dine-in restaurant services are suspended.
• Non-essential retail services including gift and specialty stores, non-essential health and
beauty care, men’s, ladies and children’s wear, etc. A complete list of essential services
can be viewed at:
• Public Health Orders.
Alberta Municipal Affairs enacted new provisions as follows:
• The Meeting Procedures (COVID-19 Suppression) Regulation enabling municipalities to
conduct meetings and hearings in a manner that protects participants and observers.
• Extension of many legislative deadlines within the Municipal Government Act to
October 1, 2020.
• Extending the deadline to complete Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework’s and
Intermunicipal Development Plans to April 1, 2021.
Effective April 1, the Province mandated that there will be no evictions due to failure to pay
rent and rent increases are suspended. Education funding not utilized to be re-allocated to
support the COVID-19 response. Transport Canada enacted new restrictions for domestic
travelers. Travelers displaying signs and symptoms of COVID-19 will not be allowed to board
trains or planes for domestic travel within Canada effective Monday, March 30, 2020 at noon.
Federal and provincial governments implemented relief for businesses including:
• Increased subsidies for small/medium sized business to cover 75% of wages, rather than the
previously announced 10%, backdated to March 15, 2020.
• Canada Emergency Business Account announced banks offering $40,000 loans to businesses
(interest free for 1 year), $10,000 forgivable under certain conditions.
• GST/HST payments deferred to June 2020.
These are difficult times. Please do your part to “flatten the curve” of this pandemic. Adhere
to Alberta Health Service directives. Stay safe, stay home and stay vigilant. We’ll see this
through together. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not a freight train!
Janet Jabush


Good afternoon, I sincerely hope that everyone’s family, friends and colleagues are in good health.
I trust that everyone is practising provincially and federally mandated safety protocols for the Covid-19 Pandemic. I am reaching
out to the communities in which I patrol and have enforcement jurisdiction; specifically, the Town of Mayerthorpe and the
Summer Villages of Silver Sands, South View, Yellowstone, Nakamun and West Cove. It is critical that everyone of us understands
and adheres to the legislative changes enacted to protect all communities.
These are very serious times. Daily warnings and briefings from Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments should not be
ignored. Covid-19 is a Pandemic. Statements like, “Yeah, but more people die from the flu in a year than have died from this” and
the complacency those statements feed must end.
THERE IS NO VACCINE FOR COVID-19! Period, full stop! That’s the difference and that’s what makes our current reality so serious.
Ignoring the precautions currently recommended puts our families, friends and neighbors at risk. People will die if we don’t follow
the guidelines given to us by Alberta Health Services (AHS) because THERE IS NO CURE! I’m pleading with you; take heed and be
diligent in following the recommended safety protocols.
We are exposed to germs and viruses daily, most of the time with negligible effects because we’ve all built some immunity to
these things. Unless you’ve contracted and recovered from COVID-19, you have no such immunity. By going about your daily life
and ignoring AHS guidelines, you needlessly put yourself, your loved ones and your neighbors at risk.
On March 28, 2020, Ministerial Orders were enacted by the Provincial government granting those with Community Peace Officer
1 designation (CPO 1) additional authorities to enforce provisions of the Public Health Act. Those orders can be viewed at:
These Ministerial Orders will enable a CPO 1 to assist Alberta Health Authorities and RCMP in investigating and laying charges
under the Public Health Act. The goal of enforcement agencies is to educate and work with those who do not understand and/or
appreciate the gravity of the COVID-19 pandemic. Laying charges will always be a last resort. During the course of an investigation,
the decision to lay any charge rests solely at the discretion of the investigating Officer.
All complaints will be thoroughly investigated. Fines under the Public Health Act start at $1,150 for the first offence, increasing to
$1,200 on April 1 for an individual. Businesses or companies found in violation could face a fine of $100,000. For complete details,
please visit:
Our Provincial government has taken necessary actions. All barber shops, hairdressers, massage, physiotherapy, and chiropractic
businesses considered non-essential and are ordered closed, effective immediately. A complete listing of non-essential services
can be viewed at:
All restaurants are ordered to close their dining rooms but may remain open to provide takeout service. Grocery stores,
pharmacies, retail liquor & cannabis stores, mechanic/auto repair shops and gas stations have been classified essential services
and will remain open to the public.
If you have any questions, concerns or complaints, please don’t hesitate to contact me at the Town of Mayerthorpe at 780-786-
2416, Ext. 225 and, for Summer Villages, by calling 1-844-786-4650 or the local RCMP Detachment. Public Health Authorities can
be reached at:
Please, stay safe, stay home, stay vigilant and follow safe sanitization protocols. We will weather this COVID-19 storm, together.
Thanks for your continued co-operation.
Community Peace Officer Dawn


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Public Notice

March 18, 2020

Re:  COVID-19

The Town of Mayerthorpe is taking the COVID-19 pandemic seriously for residents, employees and patrons. We will be continuously monitoring the situation and will adjust our business practices accordingly.

Effective March 18, 2020 Town of Mayerthorpe has closed the Town Administration Office and Public Works to the Public.  Please utilize telephone and email services to communicate with Town Staff.  We have instituted strict social distancing practices and mandatory sanitization of contact points throughout the office. In an effort to slow down the potential spread of the virus and to protect everyone. We feel these precautions are not only necessary but vital to our operations.

Any payments to be made to the Town of Mayerthorpe may be made at any financial institution or online.  If you require assistance please call or email and we will do our best to help you.  

Council Meetings

Regular Council, Special Council and Policies and Priorities Committee meetings will continue with the exception of delegation attendance.

Effective March 18, 2020 the following facilities are closed to the public and remain closed until further notice.

Town Office – Available to assist by phone or email

Public Works Shop – Available to assist by phone or email

Diamond Centre

Curling Rink

Mayerthorpe Exhibition Centre

Community Services Building/Parent Link Centre – Will be closed as of March 25, 2020

Mayerthorpe Public Library

For further information and updates, please visit Alberta Health or Alberta Health Services

Thank you,

Council and Staff

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