2022 Imagery Project

Request for Quotation - Photography Services


The Town of Mayerthorpe is seeking a qualified professional photographer to provide a collection of year-round/seasonal high-resolution images of life and living in the Town for use in the Town’s promotional and marketing materials including print and online formats including the Town’s website (www.mayerthorpe.ca). This project is anticipated to take approximately 12 months to complete.


The purpose of this photography collection is to capture the essence, beauty, and uniqueness of life as a tourist or resident of the Town. Images are to include local businesses, town services, and events in action and should make the audience feel connected to the events and services in use. A variety of landscape images will be used for the Town’s website home page. A variety of landscape and portrait images will be used throughout the website, social media, and print marketing materials to showcase Town living and services. This project is to be conducted in accordance with all Alberta Health COVID-19 health restrictions in place at time of work being completed. The successful candidate for this project will outline how they will stage/obtain active photography of Town life.

Target Audience

The overall goal of the project is to bring visitors to the area, incite pride of place in residents and to encourage the use of local recreational and cultural assets and facilities. The intended target audience includes, but is not limited to:
• Tourists
• Travelers
• Locals
• Artists
• Families
• Lovers of rural communities and experiences
• Outdoor enthusiasts
• Potential re-locators
• Festival/Event goers


The list of locations is not intended to be exhaustive and should be considered a recommended starting point for the project.

• Crocket House Café
• Fallen Four Memorial
• High School (with School permission)
• Seniors Centre
• FCSS Services
• Public Library
• Mayerthorpe Grain Elevator
• Churches
• West End Bus Program
• Local businesses and restaurants
• Staff input for more locations.


The following is a list of regular events held in the Town of Mayerthorpe and estimated schedule in 2022. Events may be cancelled or modified due to COVID-19 restrictions.

• Fireman’s Ball, March
• Rodeo, May
• Fur and Feather Farm Sale, April
• Spring Clean-up, June
• 4-H Beef Show & Sale, June
• Seniors Week Activities, June
• Canada Day Events, July
• Agricultural Fair, August
• Cultural Day, September
• Fall Clean-up, September
• Kin Club Christmas, November
• Christmas Lite-up, December

Photo/Image Specifications

• A minimum of 10 usable images per season (4 seasons: Spring, Fall, Winter, and Summer) and minimum total of 60 usable images will be required for the final project deliverable.

• Images are to be high-resolution, with the resolutions specified in a project proposal.

• A minimum of 8 landscape format images will be provide for use for the Town website home page. The recommended size for banner images on our homepage is 1300x550. In additional to the high-resolution original images, the final delivery will include images optimized for use as banner images in our homepage.

• Style of photography should give the impression the viewer is present in the photo, (examples provided).

• Models and props are allowable and encouraged.

• Waivers provided by the Town must be signed by identifiable models and individuals, excluding public events.

• Images will need to reflect safety (i.e. helmets while riding bikes, respecting applicable COVID-19 health restrictions, etc.) and non-illegal activities (alcoholic beverages while operating motorized vehicles/recreation vehicles etc.).

• Images must be in high resolution, JPEG or PNG format and be submitted digitally, with hardcopy/USB with additional images for the banner section of the home page formatted for website use.

• The use of video is acceptable as a value-added production in addition to photos/images, however any video submitted would be excluded as the main project deliverable.

Project Specifications

• Quotations are due by March 17, 2022.
• Selection will be made by March 28, 2022.
• Agreement will need to be entered into prior to commencing project.
• Project will end one year from the date of signing of the agreement.
• Photographers, assistants, actors will act in professional manner during shoots in the community and at public events.
• Photographer may submit quotes broken down into four quarters where payment can be made after each quarter upon review and acceptance of photos/images.
• Alternate phases may be negotiated and agreed upon by both parties.
• The cost of props, actors/models, rentals, etc. are to be included in the quote.
• The quote shall be a lump sum inclusive of all deliverables and costs and shall not be based on a fee per hour.
• The Town shall not provide additional funds for mileage or subsistence.
• The Town reserves the right to cancel the project at any time within thirty (30) days of written notice.
Examples of What We Don’t
• Wildlife images that do not have an identifiable Mayerthorpe component.
• Flora/fauna images that do not have an identifiable Mayerthorpe component.
• Landscape images that do not have an identifiable Mayerthorpe component
• All quotes must include a portfolio of work with a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 photos that best represent the aesthetic of the photographer.
• Quotes will be evaluated on a quantitative and qualitative basis. Cost is significant, however will not be the determining factor for approval.

Quote Submission

Quote, along with photography portfolios, can be emailed to: Economic Development Officer E-mail: edo@mayerthorpe.ca or by mail to:

Town of Mayerthorpe
Box 420
Mayerthorpe, Alberta
T0E 1N0
Attention: Economic Development Officer

Additional Information

Should additional information be required, please contact Karen St. Martin, Chief Administrative Officer at cao@mayerthorpe.ca or call 780-786-2416 Ext. 222.

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