Doing Business in Mayerthorpe

A great place to start and grow a business, the Town of Mayerthorpe has only a minimal fee for a required business license.  You will be able to focus your resources on more important things – like the success of your business! 


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Business Licenses

Businesses and home occupations providing goods and services to the public must obtain a Business License and new, expanding, relocating or unapproved businesses require a Development Permit prior to receiving a Business License.

A Development Permit authorizes the use of land and/or buildings for a particular land use classification (business type) under the Land Use Bylaw. A Business License will then authorize the operation of a business at the location under the Business License Bylaw once approved.

Depending on the nature and/or location of your business, it may take some time to process Development Permit and Business License applications. Therefore, it is recommended that you submit your applications approximately two months in advance of your anticipated commencement date to ensure proper approvals are in order.

All businesses are required to hold a Business License that is renewable annually in January for a fee of $100.00.  If you are opening a business in a building that has had a business previous to yours you are required to complete and purchase a development permit for change of use.  Please print and fill in the 2023 Business License Application  You also have the option to feature your business in our Business Directory. Having your business on the town's business directory will improve you search engine optimization with popular search engines, like Google, and improving your online business presence.

For more information about business licensing in the Town of Mayerthorpe, please refer to our Business License Bylaw No.1144.

Hawkers & Peddlers

Hawkers and Peddlers please keep in mind when you come to Town to do business you need to stop by the Town Office and purchase your license before you begin your sales. Yearly license fee is $150.00, Weekly license fee is $75.00 View the 2023 Business License Application

Home Based Businesses

Home based businesses and Town of Mayerthorpe residents who are self-employed will need to complete a Home Occupation Application. Under the Land Use Bylaw, any business where the operator resides within the town limits but does not have a permanent business address of a non-residential location is considered to be a home based business. A Home Based Business Permit is not required if the following applies.

(i) no individual other than the permanent resident of the

dwelling unit operates the home office;

(ii) the home office does not generate any pedestrian or

vehicular traffic;

(iii) there are no on-site exterior signs or advertisements

of the home office;

(iv) no materials, goods or finished products for business

purposes are stored on-site; and

(v) the home office is operated as an accessory use only

and must not change the residential character or

external appearance of the dwelling unit;

 A new permit is required if the business owner plans to relocate to another home or to expand or change the business within the same home.  Upon approval of the development permit, the business owner is obliged to purchase a Business License for a $100.00 fee to be renewed annually in January.