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Planning and Development Department understands the values of the community and reflects those values into our plans, policies and bylaws for the immediate and future development of our town. Our core mandate is to assist our residents to achieve their development goals and objectives.

Planning and Development Department is available to discuss your development and building plans. Before beginning any project there are several steps you will need to take to make sure your new development is in compliance with local bylaws and regulations.

Development Services is governed by provincial legislation including the Municipal Government Act as well as numerous municipal bylaws, plans and policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I require a development permit for a garage?

Yes, you do require a development permit if the garage is over 100 feet2 or 9.3 m2. To download a brochure with setback requirements for a: detached garage click here, for an attached garage click here.

2. Do I need a permit for a deck?

Not if the deck is less than 2.0 feet or 0.61 m in height.

3. I want to build or move a shed or accessory building onto my property do I need a permit?

A garden or tool shed in the rear yard of a residential parcel that is less than 120.0 feet2 or 11.1 m2 in floor area and less than 8.2 feet in height does notrequire a development permit. The shed still needs to meet setback requirements which are: no closer to the front street than the closest portion of the principal building; a minimum of 6.56 feet or 2.0 m from the principal building; the exterior wall of the accessory building is at least 3.28 feet or 1.0 m from the side and rear boundaries of the parcel; no roof overhang shall be within 1.0 foot or 0.3 m of the side and rear property boundary.

4. Do I need a permit to build a fence?

Yes, if you are building a fence on a corner parcels or where the front and rear
yards are both active roadways, and if you are building over 6ft in side and rear yard and over 2ft in front yards.

5. I want to renovate my house do I need a development permit?

If the renovations include structural alterations or additions then yes you require a development permit.

6. What is site coverage?

Site coverage is the amount of your property that is covered by any surface other than landscaping. This includes all hard surfacing (bricks, asphalt or concrete), the dwelling, garage, accessory buildings, decks, hot tubs, etc. The amount of allowable coverage varies for residential, commercial and industrial districts. You can look up the coverage in the Land Use Bylaw Part VIII link below.

7. What is a Certificate of Conformance?

A Certificate of Conformance verifies that the property meets the requirements of the current Land Use Bylaw and can be obtained from the Town Office. Lawyers, banks or a person purchasing a property may request a Certificate of Conformance to ensure that there are no outstanding issues with the property.

8. Do I require a permit for a fire pit?

You do not require a permit if the fire pit meets all the regulations as established in The Town of Mayerthorpe Burning Bylaw 954. To apply for a permit contact the Town Office.

9. Who is responsible for the maintenance of Highway 22 through Mayerthorpe?

The Government of Alberta contracts out to maintain this highway.

10. What is a Real Property Report, an easement and a right-of way?

You can download brochures on these three topics as well as others from the Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association website.


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